Monday, September 18, 2006

The unmentionable topic - regifting!

Now let's talk about the unmentionable in desi culture too - regifting. Okay, I don't regift myself but I also don't care if people regift stuff to us but come on, at least make it appropriate and at least give something that you don't mind your own kid/s having. I have gotten terrible regifts (a christmas platter for a wedding gift (?????), a pink bunny for a baby boy etc. This is the thing - there's nothing wrong with regifting in my opinion, even if I don't do it, I really don't care but tacky is another thing. I don't want to sound ungrateful but seriously, it's just cheesy when it's so obviously inappropriate. I guess I don't regift because I like to give nice gifts and I don't want to give anything that I would be embarrassed about giving. Like for LD's party, I made party bags for the kids and we put a lot of thought into what to put into each and each one was tailored to each kid - we put thought and effort into it. I also spent days in the kitchen cooking. I want things to be nice for people...I don't understand why people would want to give something they find hideous to another person. Do they not like us? Should we not invite them to our parties? I know I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff but the people that do these things just fascinate me because the strange thing is that the nicest gifts come from those who don't have a lot to give and the tacky gifts come from those that are very well off. What gives? I still can't fathom what would drive someone to give a Christmas platter to a Muslim couple on their wedding day. Some Christian couple might like it but a Muslim couple? And it was given by a Muslim too. I probably sound ungrateful because gifts are fun to get and well you really shouldn't complain about them but it's just the people that do it that fascinate me. They obviously don't care what people think about them nor do they really care if the person can use the thing they give or maybe they just don't think we will know. I have a friend who is a great regifter and her regifts are great. She's got it down to an art form - probably because she throws a lot of parties and has lots of friends so gets lots of presents. We only have a small group of friends. Anyway, I give props to her because she seriously has made it an art. Oh wait, you know what? We have regifted! That Christmas platter - it was a nice thick German crystal 3 tier christmas tray/platter and very southern if you know what i mean and dh knew one of his secretary's would like it and she did. She kept talking about what a great gift it was and it really was if you celebrate Christmas. If i had Christmas parties, i'd like it. That's the thing, one person's bad gift is some other person's great gift - linking the two is key.


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