Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My inlaws have no idea what they are in for...

When LD gets an eyefull of their place, their plants, their trinkets... oh dear, i see days of busy chasing. At least there will be three of us to contain him. I look forward to seeing my inlaws. They've been out of the country for over three months and LD has changed so much since we last saw them. They are going to be amazed. He's walking (Frankenstein like, but still) and babbling and talking. We love his hawlo (hello). All morning I've been packing as he unpacks. Hate the flying part but look forward to some time away. It's funny but I see my inlaws more than my husband does. He goes for a weekend, I go for a week or more. Isn't that strange? What's even stranger is that i never see my parents. I see his parents a lot and mine hardly ever.


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