Sunday, October 01, 2006

How is it possible....

that LD will eat butter chicken, chicken curry, okra dry fry or any other spicy thing that may make some run for the hills but giving him anything white in a bottle or cup will get said bottle or cup thrown at you, spit out on you and if a drop happens to get in his mouth he'll shiver like it's the nastiest thing he's ever tasted and then throw the cup down. Stubborn stubborn boy.

Today's episode was particularly amusing because i was determined and wrestled him for it. He won and then saw the bottle sitting there, shook his head no and laughed. Sad thing is i know he's going to win because he's got my temperament and like me, he knows how to get his way with this. I pity the fool. Especially when the fool is me. And guess who has to drink his nasty warm leftover milk because she doesn't want to waste food, especially during Ramadan. You got it. So said milk has a second life of getting coffee added to it and some dulce caramel syrup. I'm starting to see why he doesn't like after two weeks of this. :-/

Here's one of my infamous "theories" (only my husband knows what i mean) - when i was pregnant i craved milk bad. I never cared for milk much but when pregnant i would go through a gallon every two days. That's a lot of milk and probably how i ended up with a nine pound baby. See, you finally get a prego story since i kept my pregnancy off the blog until after baby. Anyway, i craved milk so bad that one night when my husband was out of town and i couldn't send him to the store to get it and i wasn't leaving because i was still pretty new to atlanta and we lived in midtown and well midtowners kinda freaked me out so i wouldn't go. I stayed awake until 8am, at 8 i got my big belly in the car and drove to Krispie Kreme, went through the drive through and ordered two things of milk and two doughnuts to wash it down with ;-). I went back home chugging the milk on the way. With my craving combatted i fell into a nice deep sleep. Maybe he's just sick of cow's milk.


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