Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Keep meaning to post about my mom's visit but i keep getting distracted... today's distraction: Netflix! I've been using the library for dvd's etc for about 5 years now and have learned the art of patience of waiting for a movie. Well, those days are over. I built one heck of a queue...basically anything i've wanted to see in the last five years that the library didn't have...lots of foreign films, etc. Ah, and now the luxury of being able to see new releases as soon as they are out instead of waiting a couple months to a year...as was the case for Syriana. I will be listening for the mailman's squeaky brakes even harder now.

The other thing that is distracting me is crocheting and dear me, i just picked up a how to knit book at the library along with a few about baby crafts and a kazillion books for LD. I haven't been to the library program for a month.

Off to the next distraction... Beef and Potato Curry.

BTW...my LD is finally back to his "normal" nap schedule which means he's at least taking them. Wooooo hooooooooo! While the cat is napping, momma gets to play! Can i get an alhamdulillah?


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