Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fireflies in a jar

fireflies in a jar
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I've been decluttering, really decluttering. We are finally having a garage sale and it's a big one. Usually i donate a box or two a month but this is going to be a massive sale. It's a lot of work but i think if we make over $300, it'll be worth a saturday. We'll buy something special that we've wanted but haven't splurged on. Little Dude will be working the lemonade/water stand, Baby Girl will make everyone swoon, husband will be the cranky guy in the corner and i'm gonna go nuts i'm sure. I don't like holding garage sales but i do like clearing out so much stuff and letting go of stuff that i've been hesitant to donate.

In other news, Little Dude has become quite the bug catcher. He's got several bug homes going on. Fireflies here, worms there, caterpillars too. I'm not so sure i should have encouraged these things now. I've never seen the boy happier though than the other night when he ran in out of breath "i caught a firefly mommy.. LOOK!" The pride in his eyes, the proud chest upright and the biggest proudest smile as the little bug flickered in his hands. So cute. Gotta love lightening bugs. We have so many here in our backyars. On the 4th of July, our back woods looked like christmas lights flickering there were so many out there.

(i did not take this picture...found on flickr)


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