Friday, June 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I absolutely love this set of dishes I found. I can't find any information on them though. They are stamed "Nice Mice" made in England and have some symbols. The set is complete. I think the little tiny cup is an egg holder but not sure. I LOVE the graphics. On Ebay the mug alone sold for $9.99 but that's all i found on this set after ebaying and googling them. Look at these images! They are heavy too. This was a splurge for me at a thrift store that was closing for the summer so offering everything half off. I got the set for $5 (and would have gladly paid $10...i just never visit this particular store). They are in perfect condition and unused. I could see the sticky mark of a price sticker.


I only had ten minutes to look around and when i saw these, my heart jumped. I thought "there's no way i would have gotten these for little dude but for baby girl, oh yes." I say that because Little Dude has always been a bit zealous with throwing things and breaking things. He still loves it when i break a dish. He comes running in to see the fallen casualty. I just hope i can bring myself to let her use them. They will be used by me to feed her.




cup and egg holder (?)

Aren't they just lovely? I don't use words like lovely but these are lovely.

And here's another recent-ish find - a brand new bumbo in the box for $15. Score! I didn't realize how great these were or i would have bought one anyway. It keeps her out of the line of fire (a.k.a. little dude). I'm pretty certain I won't have any scores for a while because these are just so good.

baby toes


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