Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day weekend fun

rc air show
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We had an action packed memorial day's weekend. We went to an remote control air show out in the middle of nowhere which Little Dude has been reenacting ever since.

rc air showflight line

On the way home-ish we went to Princeton for lunch and to walk through the campus. Little Dude always calls it a castle and I never correct him (much like he calls the huge Hindu temple here a giant sandcastle...i don't correct him there either). What was really funny is that it was the seminary school's graduation day and hubby, hubby's uncle and little dude all ended up in the middle of it while i was nursing Baby Girl on some secluded steps. princeton

Little Dude said he saw all the knights and princessessess (lol) coming out. It was too perfect because they were all in colored cloaks and hats. How perfect is that?


The next day was my husband's birthday so we took him to the beach and boardwalk. Baby girl had a nice sleep on the beach, LD got to run around and get sand into every crevice. We played games on the boardwalk and won junk at the arcade.

On Monday we went to a big bike race, messed around, went to the antique store and then a Japanese restaurant.

Bike race

It was a busy weekend but a lot of fun. Only bad thing is when you are so busy, long weekends seem short.