Friday, May 15, 2009

I wish titles could write themselves

I haven't posted for a while!

Not much going on and there's a lot going on. LD and BG just won't work with me on naptime. I struggle if i don't get a half hour to myself a day. With a high needs kid and a bitty baby I just lose it. I can actually feel my nerves fraying. It's been one of those weeks. BG won't nap at all or when she does, it's very short because she's breaking a tooth. LD drones on about how awful school is, how he can't wait till it's over and in a way i can't either. The short amount of time he's gone isn't going to make much of a difference. Perhaps he'll begin sleeping in a little more if he's not worried about school.

The only non child thing that's been going on is my 5 minute craftathon. Everyday I make something in 5 minutes. It's actually been very satisfying even though my "to make" list is getting seriously long. At least i'm having little bouts of creativity. One day i made some scrapbook borders. Another I made a project/learning thing for LD. Another a felt set for LD. And today a plastic bag dispenser that cut a ton of corners but got done in 5 minutes (from beginning to end). It's currently hanging in the kitchen now and in usage. Husband liked it a lot.

That's me. What's new with you?


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