Wednesday, July 08, 2009


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Baby Girl gets herself into all kinds of messes now. I can't leave the room without losing her. The first time this happened i left the room for literally two minutes. I came back and couldn't find her. She was under the couch with just her little head sticking out. I knew it was coming but i just didn't think it would happen so quick. This house is far from babyproofed. She's a stubborn, determined, quick-to-learn baby with a red-hot-temper. She gets so irate when she's gotten someplace, gotten what she went after only to have it taken away. I distracted Little Dude when he was this age by giving him something else. Not with her. She'll give you a verbal lashing. It's funny too when LD goes down for a nap. She plays with all the things he won't let her touch when he's awake. And when he comes downstairs after, it's like she knows her time is up but there's a twinkle in her eye of..."ha, i got your lightening mcqueen so there!"


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