Thursday, July 09, 2009

5 minute crafting

I figured i'd start posting some of my 5 minute crafts. I mentioned before that i miss crafting but absolutely don't find the time for it anymore unless it's kid-centric or late at night (usually scrapbooking and occassionally sewing). I did get a few things made when my mom was here but that's because she wanted me to make her some things so i did. Those were also 5 minute crafts. Anyhoooow, here's the 5 minute craft x 5 (5 intervals of 5 minutes each) i did yesterday. I seriously miss was the only time i had to do things (make something, read something, feel human, etc).


I was impressed when he started humming the busy people song from the richard scarry video as we painted on the mod podge. These images were drawn by Richard Scarry although it wasn't a Richard Scarry book. I'm happy that he was able to put the artist to the image without knowing.


It's far from perfect (there are bubbles) but something i learned from scrapbooking is that if you keep putting something off because you want it to be perfect it may never get done. I can't tell you how many people i know that have a bag full of supplies for scrapbooking but haven't done a thing with it. Perfection can really get in the way of creativity. It's something i've been conquering within myself for many months now. Actually since i began crafting. I had to shove my perfectionist self aside and just jump in and see what happened. I'm really glad i did because it's led me down many fun and in some ways therapeutic paths since i began making crafts about 3 years ago. Sometimes imperfections can be good. For instance, i won't have a hissy fit when this table gets all messed up again and needs redoiong in a year or so. I'll simply find another fun book and maybe get more creative with it now that i have one under my belt.


I like how fun it looks and i'm hoping that it will keep him sitting while eating at this table. :-)


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