Monday, January 19, 2009


My inlaws left yesterday so this will be my first day going solo all day. Baby girl has a bad habit of being held. She doesn't like swings, bouncy seats or anything else so it should be interesting. Second children are definately different. She sleeps with me. It's the only place she will. I never would have done that with LD. I took all the warnings very seriously. But with her, i do...albeit safely. Occassionally i'll try to sneak her into the bassinet but it usually results in less sleep so more often than not she's cozied up right next to me. I can't believe she's four weeks. She'll be a month in 2 days. Just crazy the way time flies with two. She's smiling and cooing now. So sweet. I actually knit yesterday with her all cozied up to me. The boys were at the airport and since that's little dude's fascination these days they stayed an extra hour or two riding the rail and looking for airport tugs and all the other machines he pretends to be these days. That gave me the time to knit some mitts for me. I really needed them. It's been downright frigid these days. I can't believe i completed them in that short time. Determination to finish something...anything. I got one done while they were gone and the other last night after bedtime. Easy pattern but oh i love em. Fingers are free for carseats etc. I'm sure that was the last time i am going to be able to knit for a while. We'll see. Wish me luck today. I'll need it!


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