Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A day in the life of Little Dude...

6:30 Wake up and have milk. Mmmmmm, roll out of bed and play for an hour then eat yummy cereal (oatmilk, rice, apples, and brewer's yeast) and have vitamins and juice.

9:00 Take a nap until friends show up.

10:30 Play with friends, have some more milk, cheese and some crackers.

(Where he kissed a girl besides his ammi for the first time! Uh oh...........)

1:45 Take another nap.

3:45 Eat lunch: Homemade eggplant parmesan, beets, and papaya for dessert.

4:15 Play ball with mom, play with plastic slinky, crawl around and watch mom pick up after me. Come crawl onto mom's lap for a rejuvinating hug. Watch CNN with mom, stick tongue out and make raspberry sound. Make mom laugh. Have a laughing contest and win.

and it's only half way through...such the life!

Tonight for his dinner: Baby Mousaka and leek and potato soup. Isn't he so spoiled?

Okay, gotta go, we're about to play soccer. He's got a good head butt and doesn't even hog the ball but i think i can take him. I love this kid.


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