Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The chemotherapy package turned out very nice. She loved it. In a frenzy and desire to get it to her before her current dose of chemo, i rushed on it and this is what it had:

*The best hat I've ever made - everyone said how "professional" and perfect it was and it truly was...because i truly cared about making it for her. But in my rush, I forgot to take a picture. Arghhhh. And i did the pattern freeform....just increasing a circle and going with how it was turning out. It looked great. I'm going to make another i think sometime soon. The colors were happy colors...varigated boucle, purple, green, orange and some fusions of these.
*Along with that, i put in very soft fancy purple sock slippers,
*the poem Warning: I Shall Wear Purple by making a bookmark with the poem picture on purple card stock.

I should have taken a picture of the package, or at least the hat (looks great on her too), but i saw her on the way into the neighborhood and wanted her to have it so rushed to write the card and get it to her. I did explain that i didn't think she was old but liked the sentiment of the poem. She did too. I was hoping to make her two hats but just didn't get time with family here and so much going on.


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