Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I'm finally done with that big project i was working on. Yay! That means i have about a month to get caught up on everything i want to do. The inlaws are coming in a month so there are some things i want to do before they get here since they'll be here for a while. One thing about procrastination that's good. Just sometimes it pays off. For instance, i was dreading the 676 page book i was supposed to review and had only read about 60 pages (it's one of those dense nonfiction ones) but when i emailed the editor saying i was going to miss deadline...he emailed back saying, "well actually i double assigned it so can you do this other one (400 page fiction one)?" Oh yay, yes, yes of course. Yay for me. Stress all gone.

Marriage sure does something to a girl... We bought a new vacuum and i tell you, i haven't been this thrilled for a long time. I have vacuumed 3500 or so square feet in the last two days. Love it. How sick is that? I used to love buying a new outfit or a bag full of books from a great used bookstore. What has happened to me that a vacuum is as exciting as that? Eek........!

I'll be blogging a bit too. I'm gonna post my conversion story up in segments per Chai and Apple Pie's request - i really enjoyed her Pakistan trip segments. The only thing i need to figure out is how much i want to tell....no one but the hubby knows the "whole" story. :-) It's a pretty complex process i went through. That'll be coming soon though...just as soon as i revacuum the house one more time. LOVE that machine - such power lol. I really need to clean the house too and do a bunch of errands.


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