Friday, March 02, 2012

The bad blogger

I am not a good blogger. lol. I think about it, like the other day...well, i should say several weeks ago, just after valentine's day, when i swept up a pretty pile. It was a big pile, but it was pretty and it pretty much summed things up over here. There were scraps of crayon paper from peeling broken crayons to make heart shaped valentine's crayons, there were paper capes from the boy's homemade valentines, broken crayons themselves, and the ever present glitter. There was also food, shriveled up cheerios, etc. It was quite the pile, and for a moment i thought to take a picture of it because it really was picturesque and I'm sure one day when the house is quiet and still (that will probably be shocking to my system not to hear my son's loud thumping...the boy recently broke something in our floor and there is a shrill metallic sound whenever you step in that give you a reality of just how loud he thumps) i will want to remember that we once had piles like that, but then i remembered the camera battery was dead and yet to even make it's way to the charger and well, you get the point. Things are thought about over here, but rarely happen. I'm going to attempt it once again though. Really i am.


Blogger Diana Beatty said...

Well, with kids you've got more important things to do. But I would've loved to see that pile. It seems like you are providing your kids with a fairy-tale childhood, and that is so nice.

1:11 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

Yeah, i have to admit, i try to give them everything i didn't have....a good childhood. I never got to be a kid and didn't have much happiness growing up. I want to give them that.

7:16 PM  

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