Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hit send

Whew, just under the wire I sent my review off today. I procrastinated the first month, but these last few days were not my fault. Sure I cleaned the house, listed some stuff on Ebay, sewed a little bit but I really thought I could get the two kids to nap at the same time one hour yesterday so i could finish and send it off. No go. But today I finally did it. LD was asleep and I know a sure fire way to get BG to sleep, give her a bath. No, not because it's calming, but because it stresses her out so much that with a little nursing afterwards she'll be sleeping a good two hours. Mean mama. She needed one anyway so i don't feel too guilty. My kids hate baths as babes. LD was dangerous about his dislike and i used to have to take one with him. That stank because baby water is cold to us adults. BG is a little bit better. She just screams bloody murder but at least she doesn't writh around as much.

Sooooo, i feel a huge weight off my shoulder. Everytime i send off a review i feel is poorly written as this one was i don't think i'll ever get another assignment but they come anyhow. I hate reviewing good or decent books. I like to review really bad ones or really good ones because there's a whole lot more to talk about and they are just easier to do. It's hard to have a strong opinion on mediocre books.

As a reward, I'm off to the thrift store when they wake up. I have a reason to go these days. I need a stroller part that Combi doesn't carry anymore. We really like this stroller and the piece isn't necessary, just annoying. So i need to find that stroller for that part. But of course i'll come home with a bag anyway. Drive my husband crazy. And then I'm off to scrapbook the night away. Almost caught up with LD's 2nd and 3rd year. I thought i was just going to do a baby book and a toddler one but I've fallen in love with scrapbooking. It's so fun and so many people enjoy it. Hubby gets to see what he misses, LD gets to see how great his life is (just kidding), and my inlaws get to see the stuff they miss too and I, well I get to enjoy the making.

Speaking of making... LD is a very literal person. He's creative too but he's very literal with language. When I say "i'm going to make the bed" he thinks i'm actually going to make the bed, like with hammer and nails. I can see his confusion because the bed is rarely made but it's funny how he thinks I make everything. When something breaks, he tells me "that's okay, you can make a new one". Now, he's beginning to think he can make things too. He asked me why daddy goes to work and i told him so he can make money. What does LD do? He pulls out paper and pencil and starts making money too. The kid is hilarious. He used to think my husband ate Chinese food all day because I'd say "we are going to have lunch with daddy" and we usually went out for Chinese so he got the idea that daddy ate Chinese food all day. Funny kids.

Okay, i'm off to clean up so i can put my thrift store frequent shopper's card to good use. Don't laugh too hard, but i do have one. But it's only good on Thursdays. THAT's when you know you are in a recession...when the thrift store has a discount card.

Oh, here's my most recent thrifting score...a lego train i bought for $1. It sells on Ebay for $100 new. This one is missing one guy so it may only get $50 but that's a nice profit from a dollar. I'd let the little dude keep it and play with it but it bugs him because it tips over and it doesn't do what he wants it to do. I think i have a knack for thrifting and selling and just may make it a part time job. Fun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lord have mercy

look at what i just read on the mylicon website: a recall for the dye free drops. My God, these people....

High Fructose Corn Syrup

We all know it's bad and these commercials that advertise it as good make me sick. What people will do to kids for a buck is astounding. Kids are the ones who eat this junk. Anyhow, a new study came out this week pointing to HRCS as a possible culprit for sensory and other disorders like autism because corn syrup contains mercury. Read the study here. There are many other articles out there too with good information. I've been reading a ton these past few weeks since starting LD on the Feingold Diet. About all sorts of food issues that affect behavior.

This is the first thing i have cut from LD's diet as well as preservatives, msg (had already done that one long ago) and the colors (red 40, lake something or another,yellow etc). I need to find a new vitamin for him because they have colors. Even milicon has colors...red. The evil one. So does Tylenol for infants. So does Vitamin A and D drops for babies. Already my daughter has had more red dye in her than i can even believe. Now i take cod liver oil and quit giving her the vitamins. I'm working on replacing tylenol and have only given her mylicon 3 times. I wish she wasn't so gassy because her screaming for two hours every night is brutal and the mylicon calms her right down but now i don't want to give it to her anymore. There's no reason for it to be pink. I don't know why they do this crap.

These dyes have been considered poisons throughout the years. Red #40 is the worst and it's in so much. One version of red was in a kids drink and it was made with squished bugs. This isn't a joke. They add colors to everything. Marshmellows have blue in it. To make it glow. Because natural colored marshmellows apparently aren't as pretty. You'd be surprised at how many things have these colors. One theory is that all these chemicals and additives are what's causing so much autism now. It's when these things began being consumed so much that autism increased. Google red#40 and see if you ever want to eat it again. Read this article on why women shouldn't eat it. Vanillan (the fake substitute for vanilla and in a lot of snacks) is made from leftover coal. Yum.

Some of these are illegal in other countries. The first u.s. court case just concluded regarding these colorings. Be careful what you feed your kids. I thought i was doing a good job since i was making most everything from scratch. It's the snacks and drinks that get you and like i said, medicines etc. Now that i've removed these things i've noticed a positive change in my son. I slipped one day when he ate a candy cane. He quit going to the toilet after he was doing so good. It was the red dye in the candy cane and his behavior regressed for two days. Some kids are super sensitive to chemicals. LD is. Even if your kid isn't, they are so much healthier without these poisons. The only way to get companies to change their horrific practices is to not buy their products. Make them change. They are poisoning our kids in the name of a buck.

One of the most disturbing things about all the research i've been doing is the tricks companies play to poison the population and get away with it. Here's a few things.

1. use labels of "all natural" or "no added preservatives" "no added x". "no added" x means they haven't added it to the product but everything they use to put into that product may have a ton of added stuff. You don't know because they don't have to list it.

2. the FDA makes money every time they pass a dye. So if they say red #40 is safe, they make money. The people that are supposed to protect us doesn't. They also want to make money.

I'm writing my government officials for the first time in my life. I'm disgusted at what i've learned. I started with the Feingold Diet because an 80 year old lady mentioned it in passing after i discussed with her some of LD's issues. He's got sensory issues (Sensory Dysfunction Disorder and here). I've never mentioned it on my blog because i'm sensitive about it. Not that he has it, but what others have to say about it. Some say "oh they have a label for everything these days." or "he's just spoiled" or "he'll grow out of it." Et cetera et cetera. He won't. He's super smart and developmentally ahead but he has issues. Some things are getting better because of these changes. I feel i'm trying to solve a puzzle and like my mother in law, i believe God has given us answers and cures to everything. We just have to find those answers. I try to do right by my kids. I breastfeed them because it's good for them. I found it to be a brutal experience the first time around. It was painful and i remember crying. I fought through it because i wanted him to have the best. I do the best i can and i'm very sensitive when my parenting skills are judged.

But i feel it my duty now to put this information out there so we can protect our kids. Our government isn't doing it. Our schools aren't doing it. Our doctors aren't doing it. We have to do it. I can't believe the small changes that have already occured and we've barely started. The last two days we've been back to square one because of a candy cane. I hope you'll look into what goes into your kids mouths and yours too.

This is very sloppily written. It's been a long day. But I hope you'll pay attention to this. Sorry if it sounds like a soapbox but it is near and dear to my heart. My son has suffered at the hands of these monsters. I'm not blaming them 100% but the more i read the more disheartened I am.


There are surefire ways in this house to find out if i have a book review due. Due. Not "to do" but "due".

1. LD will have a warm lunch, not a sandwich which is oh so quick to make.

2. 500 pictures from snapfish will have been organized per month (3 years worth that were all mixed up).

3. There will be a warm dinner on the table, something new, not from the freezer, which there is plenty of.

4. There will be two, not one, but two freshly baked loaves of bread on the cooling rack.

5. There will soon be two trays of freshly baked cookies next to them.

6. and a batch for the freezer too.

7. Pictures will be taken...

8. A blog post done.

9. Homemade blue glue made.

10.Sewing done (!).

11. A Year of Mornings picture posted.

12. Oh darn it, little dude woke up and i didn't get my review done.

I really shouldn't get paid for these. It would probably take the pressure of. But i guess I don't *really* get paid after all. By the time you read the book and write the review, you make about 25 cents an hour. I really don't know why I am this horrible at deadlines. It's probably why i've decided to never reenter the workforce unless i'm forced to. I plan on working at home for the rest of my life avoiding deadlines. Apparently that's what makes me happy because today I am riduculously satisfied...well except for the looming deadline hanging over my head. Sort of takes the buzz off.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Butter and Yogurt

I absolutely cannot wait until *the warm part of* spring. On the list this year is a trek to a dairy farm where we'll get some fresh cream and make our own butter and yogurt. The yogurt will probably happen sooner but we'll see. Read this and tell me you don't want to give it a go...

We have been making small but big changes in our diets and it shows. I love that. Even today at the doctor's office LD wanted a lollypop. I said, no because they had too many chemicals and fake stuff in them. I offered an all natural one to him. He didn't like it. But he also didn't request one of the ones with chemicals. He actually said that. I told him I'd give him a good treat when we got home. He gets it. I'm glad we're doing this when he's young and smart.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Odds n Ends

A Year of Mornings
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Everyone is off doing spring knitting in light colors but i'm working on fall stuff first. Next up is a strawberry hat for Baby Girl in time for Strawberry picking (i hope). Love these colors...such a perfect fall hat.

I was doing the dishes this morning and made lunch and wanted to share a few good ideas i have. Occassionally i come up with something good. Here's one. I hate these straw cups for milk (LD still has it once a day) but the dentist said the others are horrible on teeth at his age so i'm stuck with them. Cleaning them stinks. The dishwasher does not do it and i look in the straws after cleaning and see icky stuff still, but chenille pipe cleaners work great!

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Next up is my solution for crusts. We don't like crusts, none of us. We also don't like wasting food. Here are my uses for crusts. One. Make croutons. Use cutouts, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan and/or garlic and broil for a minute. Fun croutons. Two. Put one in your brown sugar jar. It'll stop your brown sugar from clumping up. Don't ask me why. I don't know. It's something i remember my mom doing. Three. Make your own breadcrumbs. Toast it and then put it in the food processor.

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Oh, remember i said i HAD to sew something. Well i did! I put the binding on that quilted chenille playmat finally. Still have to stitch it. I have to do it by hand because it's so dense so hopefully i'll do that the next time i watch tv, probably american idol next week. I also made a bib. I've seen cute terry cloth bibs that have the arms but can never find them so i made one. Love it. It's completely imperfect and the pattern threw me off a few times (more to my being tired and it being midnight than the actual pattern (Kwik Sew btw) but i love it. Next time it'll be easier. I plan on making a few more. Maybe doing some applique on the next ones. I didn't do the binding the way i normal do (stitching the inner part and then stitching in the ditch, i just did it once around to be quick. Whole thing took an hour. If i wasn't using terry cloth it would have gone a lot faster. Terry is a monster to work it but it's super absorbant. Can't wait to make more. Sorry for the upsidedown picture. :-)

Here is the inside

bib inside (upsidedown)
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and here is the outside

bib outside
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Baby Girl update: She's getting a TOOTH! Last pediatrician appt i told the doctor, i think she's getting a tooth and the doctor said "no, it's too early". But the last few days when nursing she gives a little bite and looking closer, sure enough that spot i pointed out has a tooth coming in. Crazy. She's not even three months till next week. I don't know how to stop her from biting though because with LD he was older i would just not feed him until he stopped biting. He went a day and learned. That was what i was told to do. He was almost a year i think. She's so young i don't know how to teach her. It look a long time for LD's teeth to come in. Like two months per tooth. The good thing is we all have really strong teeth but the bad news is i have some more crankiness heading this way i'm sure. Gas and teething. Ugh.

Little Dude update: He went number 2! One afternoon he said he had to go (he's been number one trained for a while now) so i sat him down but i thought it would be his normal antics of sitting there for an hour and nothing happening. He popped up and said "look i went!" I thought Yeah right. He always says this and there's nothing. But this time there was. And twice in a day. He got his playmobil forklift and was so happy. I hope he keeps it up.

Mom update: I ventured out yesterday with a friend and her LD aged daughter. My one good friend here and we headed to the outlet mall. Furthest BG has travelled! I finally shopped for myself. I hadn't bought myself any clothes since maternity clothes and before that it had been quite some time. I never find anything i like or that fits and for a decent price. I bought 6 shirts, a sweater, a pair of pants for just over $100. I never find that much that'll work for me. I didn't buy anything for the kids except BG a few shirts and a snowsuit because they were $2.99 and the shirts $1.99 and just too cute to pass up. Outlet malls rock. This one is pretty cool. We had been there on the weekend but it seemed dumpy but during the week is was nice and peaceful, well except for the three kids part and the no nap part after that. It was fun to get out. We didn't get home until 8:00, both our husbands at home waiting for dinner lol. It was fun to be the one coming home late. I feel happy to want to get dressed today. I've been wearing the same two shirts and pair of pants for 3 months now. We can't wait to go back in a few months. They have amusement park rides inside too which was a fun break for the kids.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little afternoon fun

A little afternoon fun
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I love my kid sometimes. Well all the time, except for yesterday. Just kidding. But yesterday was a doozy. And Baby Girl also cried longer and harder than she has any evening yet. When is the colic gonna bid us farewell? I hope soon.

Soooo, yesterday both were sleeping and i had to be quiet because both were out in the open. Soooo, instead of doing any of the 100 things i should have been doing I made these. Aw yes, how does LD come into the picture? I said to him "Oh no. We needed to go to the store to get a card for my sister but BG is hungry and tired and you need your nap. Oh well. We'll make her one." LD with a very small pause says "it's okay. You can make her one in your sewing room." So sweet my boy. He liked these cards a lot. When he woke up he was very interested and when i told him i was sending these to friends he said with such a sweet sad face "my friends need some too!" Well okay, let's make them some. I thought it was cute today that he remembered these yesterday and said i should send her one of these. So I did. But i missed the mailman so it still didn't get out. I wonder if he has a solution for that?

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A Year of Mornings

A Year of Mornings
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Today was a good thrift day. A really good one. Here is my bag in my passenger seat. You can't see what's in there but you can tell it's good can't you?

Whenever i go i have a system because i usually only have about 45 minutes. First i cruise down the toy aisle. Here i am only looking for a few things but i tend to spend the most time because it's in disarray. I am looking for playmobil, legos or brand new in the box puzzles and games. Last week i picked up a barbie so i can start making barbie clothes. I figure it'll take me 2 years to get it done so may as well start now.

Next I go down the craft aisle. Here i look for buttons or nice yarns like the linen cotton blend i got a few weeks ago, brand new. I'm selling it all though (5 skeins). I also look for friendship pyrex in this aisle and vera linen napkins which i sell most of the time. I've only kept one set so far.

Next i cruise the tablecloths. I look here for vintage ones. I like them a LOT. I bought 5 today. Some for crafting, some for the home. LOVE them. Wait till you see.

Then i go down the baby/big toy aisle also looking for legos or playmobil in bigger boxes. I then cruise down the china aisle looking for a porcelain china two teir dessert stand. I have a serious aching for one of these. It's Qaballah's fault. I blame her 100%.

How do you thrift?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Year of Mornings

A Year of Mornings
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This is what happens when you buy legos from thrift stores. You have stormtroopers eating with pirates. We have a HUGE box of them. I do mean huge. I was on a mission for legos and went to three thrift stores in search of them. I got 4 boxes for $8. Then a few weeks later the ladies at the one nearest us convinced me to get a box of star wars ones. The pieces were complicated and i put them on ebay instead. I had to keep the stormtroopers though because stormtroopers rock. LD doesn't like them. They are bad guys he says. He knows nothing of Star Wars yet. I plan on letting him in on that when he's 5. I'll get the trilogy, hopefully he will be sitting by then, and we'll have a day of star wars. Anyway, here's our (my) attempt at an airport.

Park: you can't see the slide but you can see the stairs. This is where the kids hang out while waiting for their flight.

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This is where the bad guys hang out before their flight. At the restaurant. It also works for families. There's 4 chairs for our family of four at the other table (see first picture). Those guys are plotting something bad!

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and a snow blower plow - do notice his coffee mug.

snow plower plow
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Monday, March 09, 2009


I miss sewing so much. I haven't stitched anything since forever. Sigh. I'm determined after this huge spring cleaning and purging i'm doing i'll sit down and make something. Anything.

Baby girl is a fatty. She's round and delicious. She reminds us of the Simpson's baby although neither of us watches that show. She is a spitting image though. She's moved into 3-6 month clothes already!

Ebay rocks. I can't wait to spend a little of my earnings after this big cleaning.

I need to get those giveaway packages together. I promise to get them out in a week or so. Sorry if you are checking your mailbox hoping they are there. That's what i do when i'm expecting something and then i get sad when it's not there.

Thrift stores rock. My husband is *beginning* to get it. I made $400 off of $40 these past two weeks. That's a nice profit. But he still doesn't like thrifted items in the house. Unless it's such a money saver that he can't deny it like the train table etc.

Little Dude is finally sleeping all on his own and i miss him so very much. I'm such a bad mommy because once Baby Girl is sleeping all the way till morning i'm gonna drag him back to bed with me. I love my kids the most when they are sleeping. Is that sick?

It's cold and rainy and there's a fire going. I better go enjoy it.

There's an etsy store opening near you soon. :-) Truth be told, it's been open a while but i only listed two items so i didn't say anything.

Enuii is the feeling of the day. Better flip through one of my Japanese magazines to get myself out of it.

Browsing through said Japanese magazines is what made me long for sewing again.

I tried to sell them and sold about 10 of them but I just can't let go of the rest. It's just too hard and they make me too happy.

Oop, i've been caught. Boss is on my back. Literally.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I had said "new mitford" but it's new milford... There's more on Washington Depot here and Stars Hollow here. New Milford is 8 miles away from Washington Depot. There is a prep school right nearby too.

In case anyone wants to make the journey i figured i better give the right name. It's an awesome area. Very pretty and waspish.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

the real "Stars Hollow"

Washington Depot
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I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan. I don't watch many shows but I love every single episode of that show and can watch it over and over because the dialogue is so witty and smart. Love it. So, we live in a place that sort of reminds me of Stars Hollow which got me thinking to look up where it really is. Lo and behold i found out that it was within a couple hour drive from us. It's a mixture of two cities. Washington Depot is where the writer saw someone get their own coffee in a cafe - which was in season 1. That was the moment she got the idea. But when you drive around the area, much like where we live, the small towns bump into each other. New Milford seems to be the most Stars Hollow like. The shops, bookstore, dance studio (!), gazebo etc. Here's a few pictures from when we went a year ago. Oh. There's also the pond in Washington Depot and a very nice historic inn. I didn't take a lot of pictures...most were done by car while the kid slept and i didn't get those. We did walk around Washington Depot though and went into the little grocery store where there was teenage "Deans" using price guns to price the food. Too funny. And the town center building is awesome. The rest of the pictures can be seen here. It's a very cozy town.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm a joke.

Conversation on the way home from the library.

(very into Cars the movie lately so this is a discussion about the tractor tipping scene...one he's been playing over and over with his own cars and tractors. Kind of funny.)

LD: Mommy, you're a joke and I'm a tractor.
(cut to 5 minutes earlier)
LD: Mommy, why did McQueen do that to the tractors?
Me: To be funny.
LD: Why mommy?
Me: Because he thought it would be funny.
LD: Why mommy?
Me: He was just playing a joke.
LD: What's that mommy?
Me: (beginning to feel like pulling my hair out...it's already been a looooong morning) It's when you do something to somebody else to be funny.
LD: To hurt them?
Me: No, not to hurt them but to be funny. Sometimes it ends up hurting someone but usually it's just to make them laugh or to laugh yourself. To be funny.
(long pause)
LD: Mommy. Why did McQueen do that?
Me: I just told you.
LD: Oh.
(5 minutes goes by)
LD: Mommy. You're a joke and I'm a tractor. Can we do that? Can we do that Mommy?
Me: Sure. Now go to sleep.

* Whoever wrote in baby books that you should talk to your child as much as possible and listen to them and answer their questions should be shot. This is what happens. They learn to talk your ear off. There is never quiet in this house, car or anywhere else. Ever. Sometimes he babbles on about nothing. Nothing. Total nonsense. Sometimes he's cute like today.


Is there anything better than your kids sleeping at the same time. I get such an overwhelming sense of happiness that's unbelievable. It's like I'm so happy to have them both. I love them when they are awake but it sure ain't peaceful. It's pure bliss when both are asleep. Every time it happens I swear it's the happiest moment in my life. I feel so content.

I signed up for the library program 8 weeks ago for LD's storytime. We finally made it today. It was the last one. People said it's amazing that I'm out. That I look great. That I'm doing great. Inside I feel like Einstein (for the hair). Frazzled is the only word for it. Maybe next session we'll make it to 2 out of 8.

This specialized diet is already working a little. LD watched an entire movie yesterday. He has never done that. He can hardly sit through a cartoon. He only got up a few times and asked me to pause it. That's attention that he's never had before. They say it takes 4 weeks for everything to work it's way out. This is week 1 so i can't wait to see the changes at week 4.

Potty training hell update. So I took Aisha's advice and tried to catch him in the act. Here's how it went down. I crack up laughing just seeing it in my mind again. I see him stop and focus. He's going to do it! I say "quick, let's get on the potty!" He makes a run for it. He's going around the corner of the coffee table and make a run for it and he fakes me out and goes the other way. This mom who used to play hockey can hold her own and fakes him out and catches him. I pull down his clothes and he sits for one hour on the potty and won't go. I know he was going to because he made a run for it. If he wasn't going to he would have just sat down. He never went. Amazing willpower this kid.

And so we don't end it on this note, something else. Hmmm. What else? I have nothing. Good weekend to you and yours.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I disappeared didn't i?

Here's what I've been up to. In list form since i'm not thinking in paragraph form lately.

1. Examining, reading and researching how behavior and food additives, colors and preservatives are related. How autism, ADHD and similar disorders can partially be cured by removing said such things from diets and also prevented. More on why i'm doing this later - mostly i'm worried about ADHD. They don't diagnose until kids are much older but LD is very hyper and I'm looking to slow him down. I am appalled at how much crap (sorry for the lack of a better word) is in the food we eat. I thought we ate healthy and we do compared to most. Well artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are ending in this house. Now and forever. I made LD's baby food,toddler food etc. Until we moved here and lived in a hotel for a month. I got lazy. It's crap that they put dyes in baby vitamins and medicine. Does a baby care what color medicine or vitamins are? Why the artificial flavors? It's poisin. I've been doing a ton of research on all this and putting it into effect immediately.

2. Potty training. For the kazillionith time. Except this time i've gone hardcore. No.more.diapers.ever. It's semi-working. He's sleeping right now in underwear. I'm not sure what i face when he wakes up. He has no problem with number one but we've yet to get a number two in the toilet. He's been able to do number one since summer. ***It wasn't pretty. But I'm thinking that was a good thing because he was as disgusted as I was. I hope he remembers that picture and thinks twice next time.

3. Computer was irking me. It wasn't saving passwords, ran out of disk space daily and pretty much drove me nuts. Good news is we finally ventured out to Circuit City's clearance sale and bought a computer. Yay me.

4. I've been ebaying on both ends. Buying scrapbook materials and selling a ton of other stuff. Made a pretty penny to pay off what i bought. It's not a good thing when my paypal is empty. I need paypal money. It makes a cloudy day sunny.

5. LD doesn't let me breathe. Is this normal for 3-4 year olds? I seriously cannot do anything alone. He won't let me be for even a minute. He used to be semi-independent. Inlaw spoilage might be to blame or is it just age? It's driving me nuts. I need a little space so i can refuel. It's what allows me to be a good mom. If i don't get a little space i'm not a good mom. I'm evil mom. The one who hollers, doesn't want to play, etc. Not a good thing.

6. Ebay takes a long time to do between shipping invoicing etc but when you buy a cd at a thrift store for a dollar and sale it for $150, that is a good thing. A very good thing. I hear the cash register over at suberbuzzy or reprodepot ringing. I've never ordered from them because i'm pretty frugal but I'm going to do it. Today i'm listing some toys of LD's so i can buy him a grand ole airport set from playmobil. Big congrats for completion of #2. And just because he needs a good toy upgrade. He's bored. I'm bored with his toys too. It's time. He doesn't get a lot of toys because we don't live around any family. Kind of sad in a way. I think kids should be spoiled a little bit from relatives.

7. I got seasons 3 and 4 of project runway from the library and am watching every chance i get.

8. I'm reviewing a book and it's quite good. Love it in fact. It's perfect for me. Thank God for that. I was thinking about quilting circles (it's got quilting in it). I love the idea of them and am so tempted to try and get one together somehow here. But I was thinking how scrapbook crops are kind of like that. In a way. Women getting together, sharing a craft, using their hands and sharing stories. I love going. I'm going to another Thursday night and then again at the end of the month and i think that'll catch me up on LD's book minus the first year which i will get done in an 8 hour crop in April. Then i'll be caught up and can work on both their books monthly.

9. Baby Girl sleeps through the night. She's a rock star. Please do not evil eye me or her. Pleeeeeaaaase. There's tough times too but seriously she rocks. No matter what time i put her down she woke up at 3:30 but this past week (after her shots...grrr) she slept till 5. Now it's right around 4-5. For her age, that is incredible. Did i tell you she's a rock star? And might even stay a blue eyed rock star at that. She's very fair and her eyes are staying light. LD's changed at 15 months though so i'm not holding my breath or counting eggs or whatever. She rocks my world. My little missus is something else. LD is of course the apple of my eye but this girl is the other. Of the yummy Golden Delicious variety. Love her to bits. Her colic seems to be subsiding too. Thank God. Hearing her scream for two hours every evening has been wearing on me, and Little Dude. Husband missed most of it but his dinners were effected. It's much better now and is off and on for about an hour.

10. Hmmm, what else? So much, so little. I guess I was in a paragraph sort of mood after all... I'm such a conformer needing 10 bullet points. 9 is fine. Did you miss me?